Proteus Gowanus opened its doors in 2005 with the theme, Travel, an exploration through space, time, movement, migration and thought.

The exhibit of art, artifacts and books included: Charles Goldman’s hundred-foot-long spliced road cut from a AAA map of the U.S.; Joelle Shallon’s paintings suggesting mosques;  several artists’ travel journals; Nick Defriez’ sequential landscape paintings of the seasons suggesting passage through time; a beeswax bottle made by monks in the republic of Georgia; Brooklyn honey, alluding to the migration of bees; a selection of travel books, including Bruce Chatwin’s Songlines; Lance Rutledge’s photographs of and fabric collection from Thailand; a library of books published in Malaysia; Jenny Bevill’s fabric applique suggesting the circulatory system of the body; and Ernst Benkert’s Travel Desk, an installation of travel drawings, books, tickets and ephemera.