Observatory is an event series at Proteus Gowanus established in February 2009 by a group of artists and bloggers attracted to the interdisciplinary nature of Proteus Gowanus, bringing their own explorations of the realms where art and science, history and curiosity, magic and nature overlap.

Observatory presents programming inspired by the 18th century notion of “rational amusement” and hosts screenings and lectures.

The founding Observatory group included:

Joanna Ebenstein – multi-disciplinary artist, author of Morbid Anatomy and keeper of The Morbid Anatomy Library
Michelle Enemark – author and photographer of Curious Expeditions
Pam Grossman – curator and author of Phantasmaphile
Wythe Marschall – writer and co-founder of the Hollow Earth Society
G.F. Newland – animator and illustrator
Salvador Olguin – a writer and poet who works extensively with Mexican cultural artifacts related to death
Dylan Thuras – video editor and author of Curious Expeditions
James Walsh – video and book artist

Hours: As per events. Schedule may be found on their website.
On the Web: Observatory