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Please join us in creating a collaborative artwork as part of the War of Words exhibition opening September 15.

The Premise:
We are constantly drawing lines in the sand to delineate “us from them.” Zero or One. Black or White. Yes or No.

Yes or No  explores this ubiquitous binary conflict by bringing together elements from a multitude of makers. While each piece is autonomous, the sum total reflects the hive mind at work.

How to Play

1) First make the big decision. Choose either “Yes” or “No.” Really, only one of these two words…think carefully!
2) Create a small work 5″ x 7″ using your chosen word. Please make it horizontal. No frames.

2a) Your word (and not the other one) should be visible.

3) This may be high art, low art or not art at all.

4) It must be black and white only. No color.

5) It must install easily. (no electronics or fancy stuff). We will install these in a large grid in the gallery.

Details: Mail in or drop off your piece (no jpegs please). Include your name and contact info on the back. And let us know if it’s ok to include this on a webpage with your name (we will have a webpage that contains all works in the grid).
Note: If we are overwhelmed with submissions, some works may appear on the web only. Also, work must be dropped off or delivered on specified dates and then picked up at the end of the show…sadly we will not be able to ship/mail works back. September 10 is the deadline. It may be easier to mail your submission. If you would like to hand-deliver, please contact us first since the gallery is closed for vacation.Work must be picked up January 6 or 7….details will follow.


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