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A Way of Thinking: A Workshop on the “Proteus Process”

Sign up now for this Proteus Gowanus workshop located in the MoMA Education Department. Participation is limited to 20. Proteus subscribers pay less! $50 for the three-hour workshop instead of $90. Just use the secret code “Proteus” in the “discount code” box.

In a romp through the Museum of Modern Art, Proteus Gowanus core collaborators Sasha Chavchavadze and Tammy Pittman have designed a game to demonstrate our Protean process so you too can experience the “way of thinking” that results in our interdisciplinary exhibitions.

The workshop demonstrates a knowledge-seeking process in which participants enter into selected topics via a thematically interconnected array of art, artifacts, and books. Gather and create (individually or as a group) a collection of objects that speaks to newways of seeing your subject. You will develop and expand on that theme as you explore MoMA exhibitions. This thematic, process-oriented workshop, developed especially for MoMA, includes working in exhibition galleries, with a focus on curating and creating.

We hope to see you there! Your participation supports our ongoing programs at Proteus Gowanus.


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