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Admission: $5

Paul Glover, social activist and social entrepreneur, believes that real money is measured in hours of labor, steady as the clock. In conjunction with the Proteus exhibit, Labor, he will describe the benefits and processes for creating, growing, and managing labor currencies. The Ithaca HOURS program he created in 1991 has traded millions of dollars value, among thousands of residents and 500 businesses. HOURS have sparked an international movement to stimulate grassroots control of money. 

Glover created the alternative currency Ithaca HOURS and recently launched Philadelphia ArtCash which seeks direct conversion of art into money, to expand the creative economy. He also ran for Governor of Pennsylvania last year as a Green Party candidate. These are just a few of his many projects. Join us for a glass of wine, a presentation by Paul and stimulating conversation!

Paul Glover is founder of 18 organizations and campaigns, including Philadelphia ArtCash, Ithaca HOURS local currency, Philadelphia Orchard Project, Health Democracy, Citizen Planners of Los Angeles. He is author of several books and a former professor of urban studies. His GreenPlanners consultancy helps communities prepare a secure and abundant future even while fuel and food costs rise



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