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  • Under deep cover, a spy waits by a shortwave radio ready to copy down a long string of numbers.
  •  Dictatorships jam signals beaming in from clandestine stations operated by opposition groups.
  •  The first act of a conquering rebel group or invading army is to take over the radio station.
  •  Sarcastic and seductive voices: In World War II Lord Haw Haw, Tokyo Rose, and Ezra Pound tried to demoralize the troops and the folks back home.
  •  Urban gladiators like Skyhawk, Lt. Columbo and Switchblade take to Channel 6 on Citizens Band radio for a keydown. The winner takes the frequency. The loser is a “mud duck.”

Radio producer and audio archivist David Goren hosts a listening session and informal discussion about the way radio is used in battles of ideology and territory. The session will include a live tuning of a Cuban numbers station intended for Cuban spies in the United States.

David Goren is a radio producer and audio archivist, who has messed around with shortwave radio sound for 40 years.  He has created several pieces about shortwave for public radio including NPR’s Lost and Found Sound series, On the Media and Afropop Worldwide. David is also the creator of the Shortwaveology podcast and website which explore the aesthetics, culture and history of shortwave radio broadcasting and monitoring, and The Shortwave Shindig, a live performance mix combining archival audio soundscapes with real time tuning and performance. Other projects include, The Tuning Lab, a shortwave monitoring station configured for use by composers and sound artists, The Propagations,a radio jam band with Ned Sublette and the forthcomingInterval Signal Improvisation Project.

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