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A participatory sonic installation for voices conceived and facilitated by Andrea Goodman. Behind the walls of our physical world is a dimension of pure vibration. When we sing, we enter that realm and can bring out what is invisible. On Sunday, we will evoke mythical Paradise with our voices.

Andrea Goodman, singer, composer, voice teacher, sound-healer, mythic astrologer and ceremonialist, will guide our sonic exploration of the ancient garden, its fruits, flowers and birds, the dragon who guards it and the goddess who is the source of all its fertile beauty. Paradise was lost when the dragon was slain and the goddess deposed, but the stars hold its memory in the constellations of Pegasus, Draco and Virgo.

This event will begin inside the gallery with a sound workshop for all who attend to open our voices and find the specific sounds of the elements of Paradise. The workshop will culminate in a sound installation of all our voices in the courtyard at dusk, the time of transformations, where we become singing stars and the walls of the city buildings will reflect the vibrations of Paradise.


Andrea Goodman performed for 17 years with Meredith Monk as an original member of her Vocal Ensemble, touring world-wide, singing on five of Monk’s albums and acting in films, Ellis Island and Book of Days. Since 1994, she has collaborated and performed with Figures of Speech Theatre, based in Maine, as well as singing with numerous other dancers and musicians. She is an ordained priestess of the Ministry of Maåt, and has created original ceremonies, both public and private, for important events and transitions. She is the founder and owner of Ruby-Throated Spirit in Boothbay, Maine, where she teaches voice, practices as counselor, sound-healer and mythic astrologer, and hosts private retreats. Her New York practice is based at Aurora Healing Arts in Park Slope, Brooklyn. She is the author “Lightning Holds My Hand, A Woman’s Journal of Guidance”. ,,


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A video of the event by Sean Hanley

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