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This year, from September through July, we investigate the theme,  Battle, starting with the exhibition, War of Words.

Battle and war metaphors “infiltrate” our lingua franca. They are used to explain all sorts of things from existential dilemmas (“inner conflict”) to health issues (“cells attack”), sports moves (“launch a blitz”) and politics (“the war on women”) to name just a few.

Is it possible that conflict is at our very core? Do we fashion our language to reflect and represent this conflict at every turn?

War of Words grew out of these questions and presents art, artifacts and books that explore ideas of conflict of all sorts as filtered through the not-so-precise lens of language.

Artists in the exhibition are Rosaire Appel, Stephanie Brody Lederman, Carrie Cooperider, Paula Gaetano-Adi, Steve Clay of Granary Books (presenting the collaborative works of bpNichol and Barbara Caruso), Ligorano/Reese, Anli Liu, Angelo Pastormerlo, William Powhida, Lance Rutledge, Reed Seifer, and Cody Trepte.

Also included are a myriad of artists and writers who have participated in the hive-mind project entitled “Yes or No.”

And, finally, a collection of artifacts and books will be on display to explore the topic further.

War of Words was curated by Diane Bertolo in collaboration with Proteus Gowanus. Bertolo will be our guest blogger for the duration of the exhibition. Please visitProteoscope for words and images “triggered” by this exhibition.
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Wine Reception for Migration Sat, 10 Sep 2011 00:42:57 +0000 Saturday, September 17, 7pm

Please join us for a wine reception to welcome the artists for our first Migration exhibition of the 2011/12 Migration year and to view the art, artifacts and books on display.

The artists are: Aileen Bassis, Meredith Bergmann, The Brooklyn Museum Libraries and Archives, Lola Bunting, Marie Cieri, Viv Corringham, Dillon de Give,  Sarah Lederman, Portia Munson, Lance Rutledge, Randall Stoltzfus, Lorena Turner James Walsh and, in partnership with Reanimation Library, Ami Yamasaki.

Yamasaki will perform a short musical work as part of her Feather-Music Installation which travels from Reanimation Library through the Proteus spaces into our main gallery. To see the installation process, click here.

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