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Free wine and refreshments

Join us for a roundtable discussion with several artists from our current Water exhibition, Combined Overflow. They will discuss creative collaborations on the Newtown Creek and Gowanus Canal and consider new ideas for how to engage with Superfund Sites, urban waterfronts and environmental pollution in Brooklyn and beyond.

Participants include George Trakas, designer of the Newtown Creek Nature Walk; artist Willis Elkins of the Newtown Creek Alliance and North Brooklyn Boat Club; engineer Jeff Laut of the Brooklyn Atlantis robot project; photographer Mitch Waxman; media artist Jan Mun; and artist/scientist Jenifer Wightman.

Panel moderators will be the Combined Overflow curators, Laura Chipley, Nathan Kensinger and Sarah Nelson Wright, creators of The Newtown Creek Armada. Join the discussion and view Combined Overflow before it closes on May 25!




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