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As we approach the end of the Currency exhibition, join us for a new show within the show. Commerce: The Greens, Water Wheel, and Bosco Mall exhibits work by RISD artists developed in dialogue with the Currency show. At 6pm, Leigh Claire La Berge presents a short talk on The Work of Finance in the Corporate University in conversation with BFAMFAPhD and visitors.

During the course of the afternoon and evening, we will drink wine, consider the value of things, attempt to barter using leaves from the Money Tree, explore the fate of uncompensated work and learn about water wheels, sour dough and the Gowanus. 

Goldie PablodorLocal Flora from Gowanus, Goldie Pablodor

4 – 6pm: Opening Reception – Commerce: The Greens, Water Wheel, and Bosco Mall, with new works by Goldie Poblador, Lucia Monge, Alexander StewartJulia Gartrell, and Minkyoung Kim.

6 – 7pm:  A Short Presentation by Leigh Claire La Berge and BFAMFAPhDA.  Campus Texts/Financial Texts: The Work of Finance in the Corporate University
If the humanities and fine arts are worthless, as public discourse today claims, why do colleges and universities continue to fund these programs? In this short talk, Leigh Claire La Berge suggests that the presence of the arts and humanities on campus serves a dual and perverse function: first, it enables a corporate university culture to flourish, and second it enables corporations on campus to make money. La Berge asks: How should we understand and interpret these arts practices?

Join us!

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