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To launch our Commerce year workshop series, book artist Esther K. Smith, author of Magic Books & Paper Toys and How to Make Books, will teach you how to transform your money…into wearable rings, shirts, elephants and other oddities. Bring your own US dollars to fold. If you think your dollars are continually losing value in the marketplace, give their value a boost by turning your bills into priceless works of art! …. Esther K Smith, author of Magic Books & Paper Toys and How to Make Books, makes collaborative limited editions and artist books at Purgatory Pie Press. These works are in many international collections from MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) to The Miniature Book Museum of Azerbaijan. Exhibits include the libraries of the Metropolitan Museum and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. When she was in high school she was the origami club TA and carried a candy tin of paper squares and folded tiny cranes under her desk. 

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