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Secret Wars presents Day Night Day Night, a 2006 film exploring the solitary hours in the life of a shy young woman of indeterminate ethnicity preparing to detonate a suicide bomb in Times Square. Join us for wine and moviegoing. 

For obvious reasons, there is an abundance of film and television that deals with the politics and fear of terrorism, suicide bombers and anti-American fanaticism. But what of the secret war waged inside the suicide bomber? How does one enter the experience of that individual, who for whatever reason, has decided to become an agent of death? Putting aside all questions of motive, Julia Loktev’s 2006 Cannes award-winner “Day Night Day Night” brings us inside 48 hours in the life of a young woman struggling with her decision to destroy herself and others, using a backpack bomb provided by a terrorist cell. Little is explained but much is illuminated.

J. Hoberman of the Village Voice says, “Terror is existential in this highly intelligent, somewhat sadistic, totally fascinating movie.” The movie won awards at the Cannes Film Festival, the Chicago International Film Festival and the Independent Spirit Award Someone to Watch.

“Day Night Day Night” was written and directed by Brooklyn’s Julia Loktev and stars Luisa Williams, also of Brooklyn.

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