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Cyborg Paradise, a talk with designer-theorist Tom Klinkowstein will explore a future that seems like a utopian paradise for some and for others, sounds more like hell: the cyborgization of humankind. Tom asks, “When we forget our smartphone we feel less smart, giving rise to the question:  Has the once speculative fusion of man and machine already happened?

Tom Klinkowstein’s diagrammatic narrative, “A Day In The Life Of A Networked Designer’s Smart Things Or A Day In A Designer’s Networked Smart Things, 2030” is currently on exhibit in Paradise 2. In his lecture, he will guide the audience through his nine-foot long diagram  (it takes an hour and forty minutes to read through), exploring the prospects for the realization of that cyborg “paradise” known as “The Singularity”, when mankind and computerkind merge to create a new superbeing. Do we look forward to the day when blood cell-sized super computers implanted in the brain offer eternal life? Tom does and thinks it could occur within this century! His presentation, illustrated with a fascinatingly eclectic slide show, will be followed by discussion with the audience and more wine and socializing into the night.

Tom Klinkowstein, President of Media A, has spoken to over 100 business, design and educational groups, including the World Summit on the Information Society conference sponsored by the United Nations, the Doors of Perception design conference in Amsterdam and the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York. Mr. Klinkowstein is a Professor at Hofstra University, an Adjunct Professor at Pratt Institute, and formerly taught at the Hogeschool West-Brabant (West Brabant Art and Design College), in The Netherlands. His work has been exhibited at the AIGA gallery in New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Venice Biennale in Italy and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies, among others.
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