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In 2006 an intrepid trickster appeared in Central Park. Hal the coyote, named after the Hallet Sanctuary where he was discovered, attracted a blitz of local news coverage before he was captured. He then died unexpectedly upon being released north of the city. Since 2009 Dillon de Give has made annual voyages on foot, both alone and with others, on the anniversary of the animal’s death in early April. These journeys each follow a different path of tenuous greenspace which begins in Central Park and leads back to the wild in a 3-4 day hike. This year Dillon will lead a walk that connects Proteus Gowanus to the laH trailhead using a similar logic, following greenspaces when possible.

Prepare or select a small monument to carry with you on our walk. It should commemorate Hal and his path that connected the city with the wild. Quotidian objects, letters, handicrafts, or some other ephemera are all acceptable. We will permanently deposit these objects at points along our route and document them as we do so. If you can, send an email with an image of your monument and a few sentences explaining it so we can document the gifts.

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