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Betsy Damon, Proteus Gowanus exhibiting artist, will discuss her research, documentation and experience of Tibetan water culture and its sacred water sites in the Eastern Himalayan Mountain Range.  This culture has thrived for the last 1500 years, maintaining pristine water sources.  Like many indigenous peoples, their culture is threatened by urban expansion and natural resource extraction. Betsy will discuss the origins of the Tibetan water culture,  her own stories working with Tibetans and the relevance of the Tibetan understanding of water to contemporary water issues.

Betsy Damon is an internationally recognized artist whose work with water, site-specific sculptures, urban design and community participation has received widespread acclaim and publication.  She lectures and holds workshops through out the United States and is currently involved in community-led water remediation projects in Pittsburgh, PA; Albion, MI; and Sichuan, China. She is also Director of Keepers of the Water, whose mission is to inspire and promote projects that combine art, science and community involvement to restore, preserve and remediate water sources.
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