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Opinionated. Cranky. Smart. Funny.

You could write a good deal about William Powhida’s work or you could settle with those four words and it would be ok.

Powhida’s work is the kind of funny that’s painful…as they say “the truth hurts” and he dishes it out in beautiful, jam-packed, cranky drawings that are awesome to behold. Most people love the drawings that slam the art world (while that very art world embraces them—oh irony). But more recently, he has expanded his circle and just about every place of power is fair game.

Detail from “Where Does Power Come From Anyway”

The piece in the War of Words show is a critique of power— political, cultural, philosophical—disguised as a field guide (money power, star power, consumer power, etc.) and presented as a drawing. A war of words, yes!

Take a look at the piece online (enlarge for details) and check out his tumblr or website while you’re clicking.


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