Proteus Gowanus has closed its doors after ten years of creative collaboration on the banks of the Gowanus Canal. From its inception, Proteus was an inclusive place of unfettered collaboration, an outpost in which art could thrive, cross-pollinate with other disciplines and connect to the world in meaningful ways. For us, and we hope for you too, it was a joyful experience.

Our website is preserved here for those who wish to recall the great diversity and depth of activities that took place at Proteus over the years. But before we sign off, we wish to express our unending gratitude for those who helped make it all happen:

Our Board of Directors, who guided us and nurtured us along the way: Charlotte Cohen, Nick Defriez, Erin Durkin, Wendy Feuer, Julie Freundlich Lang, PK Ramani and Benjamin Warnke;

And our core collaborators over the years, who created and sustained projects under Proteus auspices and contributed to its rich intellectual atmosphere. These include Andrew Beccone, Diane Bertolo, Joanna Ebenstein, Eymund Diegel, Tom La Farge and Wendy Walker.

There are many others: The generous supporters who stepped forward when Sasha founded the gallery in 2005, and those who followed over the years, contributing to this unique, interdisciplinary outpost whose warmth and humanity have welcomed thousands.

The many artists, writers, scientists, anthropologists, historians and workers in other disciplines who have considered Proteus Gowanus their creative home, enriching our exhibitions and programs with their ideas and work. And all of our community - friends and strangers alike — whose wisdom and knowledge we have happily depended on to guide us forward.  

Over the years, we are proud to have nurtured or spawned numerous arts organizations or projects under the Proteus umbrella, some of which we leave in our wake: Fixers Collective, Hall of Gowanus, Reanimation Library, Museum of Matches, Observatory, Morbid Anatomy Library (now Museum), bkbx [Brooklyn box], the Writhing Society, Proteotypes, D’Amico Laboratory Collective, and Arts Gowanus.

Many of the seeds we sowed at Proteus over the course of ten years continue to thrive and we look forward to seeing and helping new Protean forms sprout in the coming years.

With our deepest affection and respect,

Tammy Pittman
Co-Creative Director

Sasha Chavchavadze
Founder and Co-Creative Director

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